Under the hot sunshine of the Southeast region in the early days of June, hundreds of officers, soldiers and youth union members of the 167th Rapid Attack Missile Brigade, Navy Region 2, were sweating profusely and actively. Pick up garbage in the wharf area, put it in the designated place, sort it and then move it. Although I still understand that this is a daily job, it is even more meaningful to spread on the occasion of the entire Brigade to implement “World Oceans and Environment Day” in 2021.

Lieutenant Do Van Dung, Youth Assistant, Deputy Secretary of 167th Brigade’s grassroots union said that these days, youth union members of Brigade 167 actively implement “World Environment Day and World Oceans Day” gender”. “Although the work of picking up trash around the ship or implementing the “green lifestyle” has been implemented by the ship in previous years, this is an opportunity for us to raise the sense of responsibility for each soldier to see make sense of environmental protection. Not as much waste as in a production factory, but if it is not cleaned regularly, it greatly affects the training, learning and living process. In the military operation environment, it is necessary to strictly implement the green lifestyle. The green lifestyle here is not just the act of picking up trash and planting trees; which is formed from the consciousness of each person’s brain. Live for everyone, for a clean environment for you and the people around you”, Lieutenant Dung, shared.

Lieutenant Do Van Dung said that from 2020, the 167th Brigade has implemented the model of “100 dong house”. This is a convenient measure anytime, anywhere to collect domestic waste from ships to the wharf.

"The 100-dong house” is actually a place to store garbage. Every day, each navy ship generates from 30 to more than 100 kg of waste of all kinds. If not collected in the “garbage house” will be “congested” at the ship. Faced with that fact, the soldiers proposed to bring the waste from the ship to the wharf and collect it in one place to clean the environment. So the “garbage house” model was born from there.

Every day, after every afternoon of training, young soldiers collect paper, plastic bottles, styrofoam boxes and recycled materials, gather at the “House of Garbage” and sort them directly on the spot. After that, recycled materials are sold to raise funds to organize activities to help and support cadres and soldiers in difficult circumstances; organize sports, cultural and artistic activities. On average, each month, the model “100 VND house” collects about 140kg of plastic waste, selling 400,000 VND.

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Source: Natural Resources & Environment Newspaper