Mr. Le Quoc Toan, an art teacher in Soc Trang province has been set a record by the Vietnam Book of Records for “The first and most collected collection of bags made from instant noodles” for 44 people. The bag is made from 20,000 instant noodles.

Food packaging in the school canteen such as instant noodles, coffee bags, etc., which cannot be sold or reused, is difficult to decompose. Toan collected every day and came up with the idea to make a book bag from it. these materials: “Also a lot of random ones. When I studied knitting techniques, I also went to the field of knitting water hyacinth, found the topic interesting. I took the bag of noodles from the canteen to make a bag to try, and it was beautiful, iridescent colors. I’m ready to do so, reuse and protect the environment.”

Because he is busy teaching, Toan often takes advantage of the evening to patiently sit, cut, sew, sew… If he works continuously, it takes about 2 days for a small bag with 250 packets of noodles, 3 days for a bag. big.

Teacher Pham Phuong Chi, who has experienced the product, said: “I thought the product from the instant noodles bag was not sure, but when used many times to go to parties, attend meetings, sometimes get caught in the rain, the product is still good. After Mr. Toan’s project, the school also opened a topic for the children to see how to protect the environment.

From 2014 to now, Mr. Le Quoc Toan still produces basic bags by himself, creating boxes, tables and chairs from instant noodles. Each finished product carries his passion for reducing plastic waste; To save, recycling will gradually become a good habit of many people.

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