At present, people are facing a not so optimistic reality about plastic waste, when they are increasing more and more. In particular, up to 8 million tons of plastic waste ended up in the oceans, seriously affecting our life.

Among those millions of tons of garbage, there is a large part that is plastic water bottles. And to solve this problem, a company in Edinburgh (USA) has created a water bottle that has the potential to save the world. That water bottle can dissolve in seawater after only 3 weeks.

It’s basically a paper bottle made from recycled paper donated by businesses with a waterproof lining made of plants. This type of bottle does not use fossil fuels like normal plastic bottles. It can completely decompose on land.

Longcroft believes its paper bottle will revolutionize the water packaging industry. Currently, the production cost per paper bottle is less than 0.05 pounds higher than plastic bottles (about VND1,500). If we produce on a large scale, the price will be reduced even more.

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