Concerned with the issue of collecting garbage on the sea Binh Son – Ninh Chu, Engineer Tran Dinh Minh, Director of Nam Thanh Ninh Thuan Construction – Trading and Production Co., Ltd. successfully researched, manufactured and put into operation a sand cleaning machine to collect garbage on the beach with many preeminent features.

Garbage on the beach is often mixed in the sand, so to collect garbage on the beach of Binh Son – Ninh Chu, the sanitation workers of Nam Thanh Company have to work hard, spend a lot of effort and time using the sieve to remove the sand and then collect the garbage and put it in the car. In order to free up labour for workers, Engineer Tran Dinh Minh spent time learning the model of specialized beach garbage collectors from European countries, then adjusted and improved it to suit the characteristics of the people. The result was a successful construction of a sand cleaning machine to collect garbage on the beach at a cost of about VND 800 million, only one-fifth of the cost compared to a specialized European-made beach garbage collector. The vehicle operates by hydraulic system, sifting sand at a depth of 10-30cm, then removing sand and collecting all waste larger than sand. In the same period of time, the capacity of one sand sifter to collect garbage on the beach of Nam Thanh Company is equivalent to 40-50 workers collecting garbage by manual method, not only saving labour, raising High efficiency of garbage collection on the beach, but after an operation, this car also helps to flatten the sand, creating a beautiful landscape for Binh Son – Ninh Chu beach. “The beach is flat, clean of trash, feels more comfortable,” said Manh Toan, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh shared his feelings when going to Binh Son – Ninh Chu beach for a morning jog.

With the initiative of the Nam Thanh Company’s sand cleaning machine to collect garbage on the beach, the problem of garbage on the beach of Binh Son – Ninh Chu has been basically solved. However, this is only the “top” part of the problem, to treat waste at the root depends a lot on the awareness of environmental protection and the proper disposal of garbage in the prescribed place by fishermen, locals and tourists. calendar. Join “Làm sạch biển” to learn more about marine cleanup initiatives!

Source: Ninh Thuan Online